Professional Services for Your Body & Soul

Adil Panton

My Philosophy

Healing Arts Touch is dedicated to providing the best essential resources for healing to take place in a person.

Beginning in 1992, I attended the Boston Shiatsu School in Massachusetts. There my world known Shiatsu mentor Kikuko Zutrau Miyazaki taught me the means of developing energetic touch. This led to being hired to work in her clinic for three years. I later went on to study other massage modalities at the Muscular Therapy Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Also during this period the research, exposure and study of eastern philosophy became an intricate part of my life.

It is my intention in my work to touch the individual in a wholistic way that will enable them to make a positive change in their life. Each person is significant and contributes in a positive or negative way to the overall health of the planet. I personally believe that when you whole heartedly commit to taking quality care of yourself, the overall well being of our planet is improved and benefits.